20 Crazy Creative Popcorn Tin Repurposing Projects

Don’t you just love those huge popcorn tins that come out around Christmas time? My kids always convince me to buy at least one and we never get around to finishing all the popcorn. I normally just throw out the leftover popcorn, tin and all by mid-February. I never knew there were so many ways to repurpose those tins. Well, there are and I’ve collected 20 of the most creatively unique ways that you can put your old popcorn tins to good use.

If you don’t have popcorn tins on hand, you can normally get them at flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores and they’re usually only about a dollar or less each. That means that you can make any one of these projects for less than $5 depending on the supplies that you have on hand. I love repurposing projects and this is one of my favorite idea lists. There are just so many wonderful ways to repurpose those popcorn tins! By the way, if you’re really into repurposing too, then you should check out these 20 repurposing ideas to make new use of old curtains.

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If you’ve ever wondered what you could possibly do with those popcorn tins, this is the idea collection for you. There are so many wonderful projects in here. You can turn that popcorn tin into a time capsule, create an ottoman with it, or even use it as a trash can. See – really great ideas. In factvintage cushion covers, there are a couple that offer great storage solutions for makeup, toys, and even knitting and crocheting supplies. So, when you are busy with these 100 free crochet patterns for beginners, you’ll have a nice place to store all of your supplies.

If you’re ready, we’ll take a look now at all of the ways that you can repurpose those old popcorn tins and turn them into amazing things for your home. From planters and shelves to food containers and even metal gift bags, we’ll find something to do with those tins that will put a smile on your face and some beautiful décor in your home. Let’s get started and as always, let me know which one of these popcorn tin repurposing projects is your favorite.

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I love the idea of creating a time capsule for little ones, especially for that momentous first birthday. Using an old popcorn tin, you can put away special things from that first birthday that you take out years down the road and reminisce about. Just paint that tin, maybe add a picture of your little one and otherwise decorate however you like. Then let them open the time capsule on their 18th birthday and see what that first birthday was all about.

Source/Tutorial: brosphotos

I love this bathroom storage idea from those old popcorn tins. You just have to paint them whatever color best matches your bathroom and then affix them to the wall. This can easily be done with screws. Create your own little design and then use those tins to store towels, small baskets of toiletries, or extra toilet paper. This is such a unique and modern shelving idea and you can make it for literally nothing if you have a few tins on hand.

Those metal tins that hold your Christmas popcorn can be used to create these amazing dog food containers. Instead of leaving your dog food in a bag, that can be ripped and doesn’t seal, transfer it into this cute little container that you paint with chalkboard paint. You can even include a scoop so you always know how much food to give. And, this sealed tin keeps little doggies from snooping through their dog food bags and making a mess.

Source/Tutorial: redefinedmom

Those metal popcorn tins can easily be transformed into these amazing kitchen canisters. Just paint those tins with chalkboard spray paint and add what’s inside in chalk. Those taller tins are perfect for storing spaghetti and other things that you may have a ton of. Plus, the sealable tins are a great way to keep out pesky ants and to help keep your food fresh.

Source/Tutorial: knickoftime

A popcorn tin is about the perfect size for making a planter, and this chalkboard one is really beautiful. Depending on how many of those tins you have on hand, you could make an entire collection of these planters to line your porch. Just spray paint whatever color you desire and you can even add a little chalkboard section so that you can create your own welcome message. Or if you prefer, you can create beautiful designs with Mod Podge and some scrapbooking paper.

Source/Tutorial: craftingagreenworld

You can cover those popcorn tins with Mod Podge and some scrapbooking paper and create wonderful storage for all of your craft supplies. The taller tins are perfect for holding rulers, paintbrushes and all sorts of other things. Plus, the lids help you to keep everything neatly inside and avoid spills and other messes. You can even stack them on top of each other, so they take up less space than many other craft organization ideas.

Source/Tutorial: theornamentgirl

Some spray paint and a doily help you to create this beautifully upcycled popcorn tin that you can use for any number of things. This is such an easy process and gives you such a gorgeous décor item. Once it’s finished, use it for a planter, an organizer, or whatever you need. The decoration is the high point of this one and it is absolutely beautiful – and so very easy to do, and you can get paper doilies at the Dollar Store for a steal.

Source/Tutorial: kammyskorner

If you can stand the thought of your little ones having drums, you can make them yourself from old popcorn tins. This is a relatively easy process and depending on the supplies that you have on hand, you may not have to actually purchase anything to make them. Make an entire set of drums if you have enough popcorn tins on hand – and you can stand the noise.

Source/Tutorial: dieselinbloom

This floor lamp is unique and really cheap to make if you have a handful of tins. It uses different sizes of tins, so you’ll need those popcorn tins plus a few cookie tins too if you have them. You just stack them up totem pole style and then add your lamp kit to light them up. How adorable is this? You could also cover them with paper and Mod Podge if you want them to all look the same – or paint them.

Source/Tutorial: diynetwork

Paint or otherwise decorate that popcorn tin and turn it into a large and beautiful floral centerpiece. This is a great idea for weddings – if you have one coming up or you can use these to decorate for wedding showers or baby showers or even birthday parties. Just add your flowers and some water and you’ve got a gorgeous centerpiece that will take you about 15 minutes or less to put together.

Source/Tutorial: oncewed

r the tins and then fill them with home baked goodies or traditional gifts. This is a great idea for teachers – you can let the kids help you to create their tins and the tins can be used for storage or any number of other things once the gifts have been taken out.

Source/Tutorial: thehotmesskitchen

Paint those metal tins and use them to store your kids’ toys. You can create beautiful storage solutions with a few popcorn tins and a couple of cans of paint. This is a great way to add some colorful décor to the kids’ rooms and keep all those toys up off the floor and where they belong. Once they’re finished, just place the tins on a shelf – which you could easily build yourself – and you’re all done.

Source/Tutorial: hammersandhighheels

Turn that popcorn tin into a great lampshade in just a few minutes. You’ll want to add primer to cover up the design – unless you want the design that is – and then a couple of coats of paint. These tins are perfect because they don’t get too hot even when the light has been burning for hours. Just drill a hole into the top to attach it to your lamp and you have a great and very unique metal lampshade.

Source/Tutorial: brightgreendoor

You can easily turn those empty popcorn tins into these amazing lined baskets with just a few supplies and an hour or two of spare time. You’ll want to line the baskets with leftover fabric and then wrap rope around the tins to give them a great rustic look. These are perfect for storing knitting and crochet supplies or just about anything else you need to keep safe.

Source/Tutorial: truedestinydesigns

Take two old popcorn tins, a candlestick, and some hot glue and what do you have? You get this great tiered makeup organizer! This is one of the easiest ways to repurpose those popcorn tins and it serves such a great purpose. Paint the tins before you begin and you can even embellish them a bit with jewels or whatever you want. This is a beautiful way to display perfume and other toiletries and keep them organized.

Source/Tutorial: pinterest

Don’t throw out those old popcorn tins. Turn them into amazing ottomans instead! Add some fabric to the outside and maybe some batting to the lid – covered in fabric – as well as four tiny little legs and you have the perfect ottoman. What’s great about this one is it not only gives you a place to put your feet up and relax, it also gives you a great storage place for knitting or crochet supplies. Or, you could use the inside to store game controllers and remote controls so you always know where they are!

Source/Tutorial: newlifenewpurpose

If you love to cook outside or go camping often, this rocket stove idea is perfect. You can build this little stove from an old popcorn tin plus a few other upcycled supplies. It works really well and will boil water for your coffee in about 15 minutes. Even if you don’t like to camp, this little stove is bound to come in handy when you’re cooking outdoors and just don’t have enough room on the grill for all of your goodies.

Source/Tutorial: diyrobj98168

Cover that tin with rope, add a couple of handles also made from rope and you have the perfect storage tin for any number of things. The handles make it easy to tote the storage tin around so it’s perfect for toys and other things that you have to pick up and move from time to time. You could even turn this into an amazing little trashcan. Just add a small trash bag and you’ve got a lovely trash can that has handles for easy emptying.

Source/Tutorial: homemadeintheheartland

Here’s another wonderful way to use those old tins and get some craft organization at the same time. You can stack them tiered style and use them to store all of your craft supplies. Vintage tins would be perfect for this and you can add as many levels as you need or have the tins to support. Keep those craft or other supplies perfectly organized and use up those tins at the same time.

Source/Tutorial: bhg

My kids have always loved those little magnetic letters and we’ve had tons of them over the years. An old popcorn tin makes the perfect storage solution for those magnets and also gives the kids a place to play. The magnets will stick to the tin, giving them a canvas to create their words and phrases and they can store the magnets inside so they don’t get lost – or end up all over the refrigerator.

Source/Tutorial: imgur

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