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The Gypsy Travelers’; posts are such a fun way to share a little about ourselves and or favorite Gypsy treasures. ?I’;m Dana Sanchez (also known as Dapoppins on Instagram and my blog.) I live in a little town across the border from Portland, Oregon. Our Main Street downtown area, which we call Old Town Battle Ground, is less than two miles long lined with shops we call “;antique malls.”; ?These aren’;t real mallsdecorative pillow cases, of course. ?If you have never heard the term before, this describes one shop that hosts many different vendors selling from individual “;booths.”; ?Vendors fill their booth (floor space, about the size and shape of an office cubical,) with whatever they wish to sell.

Each booth has its own unique style. ?I enjoy browsing down the aisles. It is a big effort to keep my credit card buried in my purse. ?The nostalgia of home decor from?odays gone by is my gypsy love song. ?But I don’;t need to bring any new/old items home. ?I really don’;t. I inherited enough from my family –; so I shouldn’;t need to buy anything.

accent pillow case baby burlap

Don’;t need to. ?REALLY want to.

The vendors sell newer items alongside older repurposed or upcycled decor. ?Booth styles?range from truly shabby chic to retro industrial. ? Each booth holds endless amounts of vintage gypsy inspiration.

I don’;t know how this tall metal topped table came to be in Battle Ground from the US Customs Agency. ?I wouldn’;t mind trading in the pale manufactured wood of my Goodwill farmhouse table for six feet plus of perfectly aged?wood and metal.

Don’;t you think it would make a wonderful craft table?

Next, I discovered this?chest of drawers, hanging from it is a label that reads “;fantastic old storage unit pulled from a barn.”; ?Who was the picker who got to do that and why couldn’;t it have been me?

The seller had a great idea to turn some of the drawers upside?down into shelves. ?The aged wood is beautiful. ?Stacking a few of the drawers side by side created cubby holes. ?This piece offers an?endless array of display and storage options. ?I can’;t think of where I would put such a massive thing in my home. ?Strangely enough, not having a place for it does nothing to keep me from feeling like my life would be happier with all this storage space. ?I put it on my birthday wish list.

My husband laughed a little.

Do you ever dream of old furniture? ?That table and huge chest of drawers sing me to sleep at night. ?I’;ve been back to visit them several times. ?Sometimes I sing that old Supremes song, “;Someday, we’;ll be together,”; back to them. ?IBecause, like I said –; old treasures are my gypsy love song. ?What’;s your gypsy love song? ?I’;d love to know in the comments if there is a table somewhere that stole your heart –; tell me I’;m not the only one.

Be blessed and have fun treasure hunting!

Lots of greenery, ticking stockings and white lights, crocks and Christmas trees is how I decorated our home for the 2016 holiday season. I kept it simple, rustic, yet festive.

Creating this charming perch is as elementary as gathering branches in your own backyard.

Funny how this clever chalked welcome mat seems to to be more seriously-welcoming than most of the “real” welcome mats we’ve seen.