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After a recent tour of a feed plant, I was inspired by feed bags. ?Confused? ?The feed plant tour was related to my day job and obviously I can find inspiration almost anywhere. ?As I watched the feed bags get filled and stitched shut in a really interesting automated process, my mind went to Christmas wrapping. ?I am planning to wrap all gifts this year in brown kraft paper and I am on the look out for inspiration to keep them from looking dull.

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The feed bag idea morphed into mini feed bags for Christmas presents. ?Using leftover lunch bag tops from the Punch Advent Calendar and some colorful scrapbook paper I created these adorable mini feed bags stuffed with goodies. ?Before transforming them into feed bags, I used rubber stamps to personalize the lunch bag tops. ?I numbered the bags for the same recipient using my large rubber number stamps. ?Then I added his name to each with smaller letter stamps.

1. ?Cut two 1×;6″; strips of scrapbook paper per bag.

2. ?Score the strips down the middle and fold in half lengthwise. ?I have a scoring blade for my paper cutter. ?If you don’;t have thatdecorative pillow cases, you can use a ruler and bone folder to score the paper. ?No bone folder, just fold in half carefully :)

3. ?Fold one strip over one end of the lunch bag top and stitch on with sewing machine. ?Use a heavy duty needle. ?This will not harm your sewing machine in anyway, but it will definitely dull your needle.

4. ?Stuff the goodies in the bag. ?Try not to fill more than halfway or with anything too bulky. ?I almost could not get mine through the sewing machine due to the thickness of the package.

5. ?Refold the open end of the bag to close it. ?Slip the second paper strip over the end and stitch on. ?Make sure the bulk of the package does not get caught on the sewing machine while you stitch. ?Be sure to keep the bulk of the bag to the left of your sewing machine. ?If you put it through on the right side of the needle, the screw holding in the needle will punch a hole in your bag as it goes up and down while you sew. ?(Yes, I know from experience)

The finished “;feed bag”; should look like a pillow:

The numbered bags just beg to be opened. ?I numbered the bags because I think the number of packages is more important to younger kids than the value of the gifts inside. ?For our nephews we aim to spend the same target amount, but we also try to have the same number of packages for each boy.

Best part of these feed bag packages…;easy open! ?Just grab one of the paper strips and rip! ?My son happily modeled how to open a mini feed bag.

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