decorative pillow cases What to harvest, plant and sow in the month of April sofa pillow covers

Autumn may be creeping in but there’;s lots to do in the garden! Here’;s your guide for what to harvest, plant and sow in April with bonus lawn care tips

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Words by: Carol Bucknell.?Photography by:?highwaystarz / 123RF Stock Photo.

One of the most appreciated linen’s feature is its durability. Coming from nature, and only treated with high quality materials, it can last you for years. This time, we have prepared you some useful tips and tricks on maintaining linen’s cleanliness without damaging the fabric. Whether you’re interested in general rules or how to deal with specific stains, you’ll find some useful information below

No one ever wants to forget the memory of a perfect day at the beach, but how do you capture the feeling of having your toes in the sand and the noise of crashing waves around you? Today, Valerie turns her fond memories of the beach into a beautiful work of art using a tiny Canvas Corp stretched burlap, Tattered Angels High Impact paint and some shells that she gathered with her daughters. You don’t always have to take a photo to capture a memory, sometimes it’s more about capturing the color and the feeling of a place – Valerie does that beautifully here.

A marble island will give the room a sleek look. Image Via: Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath

In the past few decades, marble has fallen by the wayside in interior design. Odds are that when you picture marble as a design element, you have visions of large, cold rooms encased in floor-to-ceiling stone. Or, of the ornate sculptures that adorn your Grandma’s pristine living room. It’s hardly modern and sleek – or so you may think.

decorative pillow cases