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Spring is in the air! I recently took off my red Christmas/Valentine's day wreath and make a new spring wreath to put on my door. It's so fun to have a front door again (I used to live in my in-laws basement for like three years!) Making my own spring wreath was so easy and cost effective, some of those nice pre-made wreaths at the store are expensive! Here are 25 beautiful DIY spring wreaths to get you in the mood for spring!

1. Botanical Spring Wreath

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2. Gorgeous Spring Wreath

3. Succulent Wreath

4. Spring Tulle Wreath

5. Simple Spring Wreath

6. Confetti Easter Egg Wreath

7. DIY Flower Wreath

8. Metal Flower Bicycle Wheel Wreath

9. April Showers Wreath

10. Spring &; Summer Wreath

11. Plywood &; Moss St. Patrick's Day Wreath

12. DIY Easy Spring Wreath

13. Simple Easter Bunny Wreath

14. Paris Inspired Floral Spring Wreath

15. Mother's Day Wreath

16. Mother's Day Paper Ranunculus Wreath

17. Spring Wreath

18. Wreath For All Occasions

19. Spring Tulip Wreath

20. Floral Monogram

21. Rain Boot Wreath

22. Fabric Ball Spring Wreath

23. Sunflower Ladybug Wreath

24. Butterfly Spring Wreath

25. Spring Parrot Tulip Wreath

I am so excited about spring this year. I have so many plans for my garden. I can’t wait to begin growing my own vegetables, herbs and fruits and that’s not even counting my flower garden. One thing that I do plan to do differently this year is mark my plants. I mean, when they are seedlings, I always mark them somehow so that I know which ones go where when I transplant them into the garden, but I have never really marked my garden with plant markers. This year I will and I have a great list of 25 DIY garden markers that will help you to mark your plants, too.

I love the colors of autumn, don’t you? ?It’s my favorite time for spending outdoors; the weather is perfect for day hikes. ?This has nothing to do with getting crafty, I know – but it certainly inspires new designs and ideas for projects! ?I made up this fall-inspired clay dish jewelry holder?from polymer clay with a piece of nature imprinted into it, and painted it with a hint of gold. ?It’s?perfect for holding small pieces, and it looks pretty on any tabletop.

Are you a Christmas printable lover? If so, then you have a lot to be excited about today.

vintage cushion covers