vintage cushion covers Kitchen Makeover Plans- Bye-Bye 1970's pillow cases home decor

Now that it’;s fall and the weather will be cooling off, I wanted to show you my kitchen makeover plans. I have been planning how I am going to begin making over my 1970’;s era kitchen on a small budget. I have been gathering inspiration on Pinterest and supplies and am now ready to begin next week.

If you are new to my blog, then you may not know that the money we planned to use when we first moved into the house to gut the kitchen and install a brand new one…; went to buy a boat. We do live right on the water’;s edge and so it was a no brainer decisionvintage cushion covers, plus I knew I could get the look I wanted for the kitchen using my DIY skills. I, however do not have boat building skills :-)

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The kitchen has a nice layout and everything works. I am very happy with it, except the fact that it is all very brown. I have already painted the ceiling fans white, but that is all so far.

Here is my inspiration…;

…;a white and bright kitchen.

How am I going to get this look for my kitchen on a budget?

Let’;s dissect this pretty kitchen a little, shall we? Breaking down the details allows me to see what I can DIY myself.

Here is one side of the kitchen and what I plan to do to get:

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In my inspiration photo there is a banquette. I loved the one in my previous house and could create one in the dining area of the kitchen. I like the round table and chairs I have now. If I create an L-shaped banquette, I could use the table that used to be in the dining room of my previous house. ?Maybe a project to take on next year.

I will post about each part of this makeover as I finish it.

I plan to start all this next week. I am calling this week my “;catch-up”; week. I have many smaller projects that I have been meaning to do and have all the supplies. Getting them done this week will clear my head so I can start what I call a “;decorating marathon”; next week to get the kitchen underway.

Are you planning to make any decorative changes in your house this fall? If so we can keep each other motivated to get it done just in time for the holidays.

Try doing what designers do the next time you decorate a mantel, shelf or the top of a sideboard or console table in your home.?

A home decorating trick that will help you gain a new perspective on any or all of the items in your home.

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