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Wall brackets are just the sort of thing you don’t know your walls are missing until you have a pair. They’re dimensional, decorative and functional. They’re incredibly versatile, and they work in small spaces and large. And if you get tired of them in one room, put them to use in an entirely different way in another room. What’s not to love?

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With that in mindvintage cushion covers, below are some of our favorite ways to decorate withwall brackets.

Why store your favorite plates in a cabinet when you can enjoy them every day as artwork for your walls? Most wall brackets come with a plate groove, making it easy to display your dishes while also bringing architectural interest to a kitchen or dining nook. Pump up the color with bright and festive plates or create a tonal look like we did here with a white bracket and dish against a white wall.

We kind of feel like we hit two decorating birds with one stone here. We hung Suzanne Kasler’s Jacque Wall Brackets in a group of three (always use odd numbers) to create an interesting focal point on the wall. At the same time, we’re able to highlight small decorative objects that would otherwise get lost in the mix. And when the mood strikes, you can change things around: switch out your favorite photos, candles, artwork, bud vases and more.

Beautifully designed by decorator Suzanne Kasler, this neutral-hued room comes alive through the use of texture and dimension. She effortlessly creates this eye-catching and eclectic gallery wall by mixing in her shapely Wall Brackets with her iconic Antlers. The natural finish of the brackets provides just enough contrast with the white plates and Antlers.

This example yet again underscores the sheer usefulness of wall brackets. Because they’re small in scale, they can easily help fill out a space, as they do here above the headboard. They perfectly complement the quadrant of art while adding dimensionality to the display as a whole. A bonus is getting to display a favorite object on top.

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If you’re looking to make a bit more of a statement (or have a little more fun), you might like these square-shaped tortoiseshell frames with gold-tone stems. This company also makes blue-light-blocking sunglasses in the same shape.

When you think of patchwork, you traditionally think of quilting cottons. But there's no rule saying you have to use cotton. In fact, if you're a regular Sew4Home visitor, you know we love to experiment with different fabric substrates. Today, we're adding luxury into the mix with silk dupioni. This type of silk is made from twin cocoons naturally bonded together. The bumps in the fabric, they're really called 'slubs', are the result of this bonding. Dupioni is often woven from two different colors of thread, giving it a shimmering, color-shifting appearance. We chose a jewel-box color blend of Tiffany blue, glittering silver, burnished gold, and rich ebony. Our pillows work together as a pair, and our supply list is structured to allow you to buy the correct amount of fabric to make both.

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